Why Are My Brakes Grinding?

Mechanic Adjusting Brake Pad


While you’re bound to hear many noises during your daily commutes around Los Gatos, a metallic sound coming from your vehicle can be cause for concern. You may wonder, “why are my brakes grinding and how can I make it stop?” This is one repair you don’t want to put off for a more convenient time. The National Highway Safety Administration cites fault brakes a common factor in as many as 25% of all accidents on the road. So, when there’s an issue with your braking system, schedule service as soon as you can. Below we’ll cover some common causes behind brake noise, but don’t hesitate to contact us at Land Rover San Jose if you have any questions. 

Why Are My Brakes Grinding When Slowing Down?

If you’re taking your Palo Alto commute and you notice a grinding noise coming from your brakes when stopping, there could be a couple reasons why:

  • Worn down brake pads could be what causes brakes to grind when stopping or slowing down. Brake pads lose their thickness over time and can produce a squealing noise known as “brake scrubbing” As they continue to wear, that’s when the grinding noise becomes more prevalent. 
  • Issues with your brake disc and calipers can cause a sharper grinding noise and even cause your pedal to rumble during your drives around San Francisco. Schedule a visit to a San Jose service center as this may require a brake pad replacement as well as a disc or rotor replacement.
  • When you hear a grinding noise combined with your brakes stopping at full force, that could hint at an issue with your Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). The fault also causes your ABS to activate if you apply the full brakes and can cause vibrations in the pedal. 

Why Are My Brakes Grinding When Driving?

Rocks and debris bouncing off the caliper and rotor could be what causes brakes to grind while driving around San Francisco. While this can be corrected with an easy service, the importance of getting the issue corrected as soon as possible is stressed again. Brakes are essential to your performance around town, so it’s necessary to address the repair before larger issues can develop. If you’re experienced with DIY car care, you can try removing the debris yourself, however the team in the Land Rover San Jose service center is here for all your service needs. 

Schedule Service with Land Rover San Jose!

Now that you know what causes brakes to grind, learn more about your car care by exploring the common signs of issues with your spark plugs. Paying attention to the noises and reactions of your vehicle can help catch problems before they become larger, more expensive repairs. When it’s time for your next service, be sure to check out our available service specials to save on your next visit.

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